Are You Wanting to Tone and Strengthen your Body? Then Pilates is the Exercise for You !!!!       
	Aims to Strengthen the Core Abdominal Muscles that Stabilise and Support the Spine
	A Mat Based Exercise Programme Consisting of Slow and Controlled Movements  
	Improves Posture and Body Awareness
	For all Ages, Sexes and Levels of Fitness - Beginners to Advanced Levels
	Aims to Lengthen and Tone the Muscles of the Body
	Improves Overall Flexibility and Mobility of the Joints
	Has Been Recommended by Physiotherapists and Osteopaths
	Option to Alternate classes
Why not come along and see the difference it can make to you !!
Courses run for ten week blocks throughout the year.


For more details or to book a class, please contact Aime       Tel: 01509 673525, Mobile: 07879 841079, email: aime@aimelallopilates.co.uk