Set Up of the Body

To set the body up:

- Lengthen through the neck and spine, imagine a hook on the top of the head with apiece of string attached and it is drawing you up towards the ceiling. Tuck the chin back, focus on the horizon.

- Draw the shoulders up towards the ears and place them back and down, as if placing them into the back of the ribs.

- Find your neutral spine by tucking the tailbone under until the pelvis rests level at the front and you have a natural curve to the lower spine. For lying posintion with the knees bent, tilt until index fingers and thumbs are in line.

- Engagement of the core muscles Pull the belt to notch number 10 (draw the navel right back towards the spine), let it out to notch number 5 and then to number 3. Zip up the pelvic floor as far as it will go, let it down half way and then about half way again. THIS IS THE ENGAGMENT OF THE CORE MUSCLES/SWITCHED ON FEELING YOU NEED TO MAINTAIN THROUGH EACH EXERCISE!!

- Lateral Thoracic breathing through the rib cage. Inhale as the fingers part and the rib cage expands, exhale as the fingers come back together. Make sure the core muscles stay engaged as you breathe and the abdominal area is still. This does take a while to get used to as it is not the normal way we breathe but it does get easier over time and is ultimatley beneficial when carrying out each exercise.

REMEMBER Before you commence the exercise set the body up, inhale to prepare and engage the core muscles, exhale as you begin the movement.

Please try and practice this whenever you can. It can be done at any time during everyday life. By engaging the core muscles you will be constantly working to strengthen them and the lower spine.

Also try to remember you NEUTRAL SPINE POSITION, it is the safest position for your spine to work in during any form of exercise.

 If you do begin to practice and incorporate these set up points into everyday life, it is guaranteed that core strength, body awareness and posture will improve

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